Plenty of Fish Contacting customer service?

Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by Anonymous, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Guest


    I've been trying to reach someone (live person) at plenty of fish; however I can not find a contact number. Is there anyone here who has spoken to someone at Plenty of Fish customer service. I have had no luck and am hoping someone here has a number or can point me in the right direction. Thank you,
  2. Humphrey Osmond Active Member

    There's no such service there, I can't post the POF site-owner's phone number and address on here without violating this site's posting rules (and probably a law or two), but I CAN tell you that it exists online.
  3. Humphrey Osmond Active Member

    With the amount of messages he receives it's doubtful he even reads .001%, ...he doesn't read the forums except for a thread here and there, once in a blue moon, but with a phone call, least it's more of a nuisance. :ugeek:

    I checked, did a search again, ...his personal contact info is on the 'net,'s there. :twisted:
  4. restless_native Active Member

    Do they still do that thing over at POF where you can pay extra and have a better membership?

    If they do they must have some sort of customer service surely? How can you have an organisation with paying customers without one?
  5. Humphrey Osmond Active Member

  6. Steve123 New Member

    Also, he doesn't post his business address either on his site.
  7. Steve123 New Member

    I have been trying to find Markus Frind's achilles heel for a while. It has been getting kicked by me. It is not illegal to post a phone number or address. In the US and Canada, I know of several people that have had their personal details (addresses and phone numbers and names of kids if applicable) published on the internet. Authorities might only get involved if the person who publishes the personal details threatens them or incites people to harm them.

    If I find out the info, I am going to give it to anybody who wishes to contact Plenty of Fish about Plenty of Fish business.
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  9. Fa Que New Member

    The same article quotes him verbatim:

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