Plenty of Fish How does POF online status work?

Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by Anonymous, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Guest

    hi, does anyone know how the POF online status works? meaning the green button that says you are online. I notice some people will still have the green button online status after sighing off, but the IM button will be gone.

    well, just wondering... because someone I've been seeing for a couple of months said they were at work, but I seen on POF their status said they were online and the IM button was on. I don't want a mistake on POF to ruin something, but then if POF is right then I know to move on, lol.
  2. Anonymous Guest

    As far as i know, it will usually stay lit up for 10-15 minutes after you sign far as for the truth as to whether or not he was on there, my suggestion is to communicate directly to him and ask if he was, take it from there, sometimes we all asume stuff and we get our knickers in a knot because of it...communication is vital to any relationship....good luck to you...
  3. ItsMargo New Member

    People can be logged on at work.

    Not that *I* would ever kill some time at work by sneaking a check in to POF.
    Nope, not me, never. *grins*
  4. Anonymous Guest

    Personally I think you need to walk away. If within only a couple of months you are assuming she/he may be a liar & are unable to trust this person, then you are not ready to date.

    Asking your new date if he/she was still accessing POF sounds a bit controlling. However, so what if he/she is, you two are still strangers and nowhere near ready to be exclusive.

    You shouldn't have to ask perfect strangers this. The computer is full of errors, I would trust what he/she says over the haphazard way POF has put together their site.
  5. Anonymous Guest

    Well Slick, if youre noticing she's on there , that means you 1) dont trust her 2) you have abandonment issues or 3) youre unsure about the relationship and youre looking to see if the grass is greener on the other side.

    You need to either have a conversation with her about it, or move on , if you let it bother you, I will guarantee the first fight you get into, you might wake up face first on the curb with a boot stain on your ass after she kicked you to the curb.

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