4 Disadvantages of Dating a Rich Man

Dating above your financial bracket may seem like a good idea; however, there are pitfalls that come with a man with a luxurious lifestyle. In addition to fabulous cruises, extravagant dinners and lavish apartments, there is a large amount of stress and obligation. Before you make it a mission to date a wealthy man, review the disadvantages that come with his wealthy life.

Sometimes when a man comes from money or has earned a significant amount of wealth through his profession, he tends to be possessive over his belongings. If he views his woman as his possession, he may think that he can control her every move. If he supplies his girlfriend with clothes and jewelry, while taking care of many of her expenses, he may feel his opinion is more valuable than hers.

Constant Stress
When a man is highly successful at his profession, he may experience a lot of pressure in the workplace. If he has excelled in the past, he may be expected to exceed his current performance and achieve greater accomplishments for the company. If he does not take time out for himself, the long hours can cause him to accumulate stress, lose sleep and develop depression.

Cream of the Crop
Whether he has inherited his riches or has earned every dime, he may feel that he is a catch because of his wealth. If he considers himself to be the cream of the crop, many women might agree. His wealth may attract a lot of women to him. In order to be with a man who is greatly sought after, the woman on his arm has to confident and secure. The man also has to play his part and ignore any woman trying to infiltrate his relationship, which may be difficult.

Playing the Part
When dating a wealthy man, a woman has to play the part of a trophy girlfriend. The woman of a rich man should be in shape, educated, well-informed and classy. She can have a career of her own, or she can be a housewife. Either way, she has to be able to socialize with various groups of people when attending events with her man. She always has to be presentable and at the top of her game, which may be stressful to a woman who has a busy life outside of her relationship. She also has to get used to the idea of coming second because business always takes priority. As a girlfriend of successful man, she has to be supportive of his endeavors.

Just like any other man, a rich man has to endure pressures from various avenues in his life. It is up to you to see whether you can be a positive support system for him and if he can return the favor. If you can handle the disadvantages of being involved romantically with a rich man, then the sky is the limit.