5 Reasons He Is Not Ready for Marriage

You may love him unconditionally, but is he ready for marriage? When a man is ready to tie the knot, he starts exhibiting certain signs. If he is not ready for the ultimate commitment, you will also be able to tell by paying attention to his everyday lifestyle and how he treats you.

He likes you and enjoys spending time with you, but he does not make much of an effort to accommodate your needs. You guys live together, but he does not ask you if you want something when he orders take-out. He does not like to share the remote control. He never asks you how your day went and has no idea how you like your coffee. When you try to tell him more about yourself, he does not listen.

If a man is selfish, it is a clear indication that he is still too immature to build a life with someone.

Stuck in His College Years
If he hangs out at college bars every weekend and gets staggering drunk, he may not be over his college years.

When excessive drinking and hanging out with his buddies is more important than spending time with you, he is not ready for a serious commitment.

Still Chasing Women
Whether he has an uncontrollable, wandering eye or has a track record of cheating on you, he has no intention of settling down with only one woman.
He may tell you that he would like to change, but his actions show that he is far from being ready to hang up his bachelor status in society.

Financial Instability
Check out his resume. If he is a job-hopper, you can expect that his financial situation is not completely stable or reliable. Men like to settle down after they have solidified their place in society and the workplace. If he has not found his place yet, there is only so much he can offer you.

Mama’s Boy
If his mother comes first, he may be very far from making you his main priority. Even if he is living with you, he still may rely on his mother for his main source of support. He should hold a special place in his heart for his mother, but she should not dictate his life decisions.

If he still makes major decisions based upon his mother’s opinions, then he is not ready to be anyone’s husband.

If you take these warning signs seriously, you can avoid entering a marriage on a weak note. Also, despite the amount of time that you have invested in your significant other, you will able to tell the true state of your relationship.
Once you know where you stand, you can either wait for him to be ready, help him mature or decide to move on to a man who is ready for marriage.