6 Ways to Tell He’s Not Dating Anyone Else

If you’re dating someone new or reconnecting with a guy from your past, you need to know if there are other women vying for his affection. Knowing if there’s competition can strengthen your game, or it can let you know the current stage of the relationship. Asking him directly if he’s dating anyone else is the easiest route to take, but before you take that leap, look for signs to confirm that he’s not dating anyone except you.

Messy Apartment
If you find yourself washing his dishes or organizing his bedroom, he probably isn’t seeing anyone else. When men start seeing a new woman, they want to put their best foot forward. Even if they are naturally messy, they will do their best to make their place look more than presentable. However, once they find a woman who offers to help them with their apartment upkeep, they will start slacking off again. If you show up at his apartment on a random day, and it’s messy, he’s not trying to impress someone new.

No Shampoo
When a woman sleeps over at a guy’s house, there are certain things that may get left behind. If there are no traces of another woman, such as shampoo, a toothbrush or a pair of earrings, then he hasn’t had another woman in the house. If you don’t notice a new feminine touch in his apartment, then you are the only woman who is influencing his décor.

Availability on Saturday Night
If he calls you to hang out on Saturday nights regularly, he is not seeing anyone else seriously. Of course, he could be seeing other women during the weekdays for lunch or coffee, but you continue to be his main focus.

Calls You Promptly
When you call him, he picks up. If you text him, he calls you back. He isn’t full of excuses and never waits an entire whole day to get back to you. Promptness means that he is interested in getting to know you better. If he is devoted to you, he doesn’t have the time or energy to pursue another woman.

Wants to Know Your Whereabouts
Possessiveness is usually seen as a negative trait in relationships. Jealous men often obsess over their women because of their own cheating, and deceiving ways. However, if a man shows a little bit of curiosity about your whereabouts, it shows that he is trying to figure out if there is active competition in the picture. If he was seeing someone else, he wouldn’t be as interested.

Asks What You’re Looking For
If he asks you what you are looking for in a romantic sense, then he is interested in you. Men don’t usually bring up questions about their relationship status quo unless they are looking to pursue something serious. When men think they are casual dating, they rarely have conservations to confirm that they are doing so unless prompted by women. Even if he loosely brings up the idea of commitment, he’s all yours to date.

You can never be 100% sure if a man isn’t playing the field, but you can make accurate guesses based on his actions. If a man shows you his vulnerable side by treating you with complete respect, showing you his true colors, and demonstrating a significant amount of interest in you, there isn’t another woman on his radar.