7 Signs that Your Date Won’t Make a Good Boyfriend

At first glance, he seems like he could be a good boyfriend. He’s good-looking, charming, and has good taste in restaurants. He’s single and says that he’s ready for something serious. Since you’re not good at having a poker face, you’re bursting with excitement because you are dying for a commitment. However, before you jump the gun, you should watch out for signs that even though he says he wants a relationship, he would actually make a horrible boyfriend.

Rude to Waiter
No matter how nice your date may be to you, pay attention to how he treats the people around you. If he holds the door for you but slams the door in front of an old lady, then he is an inconsiderate jerk. If he avoids eye contact with the waiter, then he may think that he is superior to others. If he complains at every little thing about the restaurant, then you know he will be a handful in a relationship. Rude men aren’t just rude in certain aspects of their lives. If they are rude to a waiter, sooner or later he will be rude to you as well.

Interrupts Constantly
If your date can’t sit through one of your stories without interrupting you a million times, then he has a very short attention span. While this isn’t the worst personality trait, it can possibly annoy you and cause major problems in a relationship. If you jokingly mention that you can’t get two words in without a comment from him and he continues to interrupt, then you can conclude that you are dealing with a narcissist.

Poor Memory
When your date can’t remember the name of his second-grade teacher, then it’s not a big deal. However, when he can’t remember something that you said two minutes ago, he probably wasn’t listening in the first place. If your date has a poor short-term memory, then you can conclude that he is either not that interested or far from ready from being in a serious relationship.

No Compliments
Since you’re on a date, you probably dressed up for the occasion. Maybe you did your hair a special way or wore your favorite outfit which shows off your best features. If your date fails to notice at least one aspect of your appearance, then he is a waste of time. When a man doesn’t compliment you on a date, he is either too busy checking himself out in the mirror or not invested in seeing you for a second date.

Splitting the Check
A guy who asks you to split the check on the first date is nowhere ready for a girlfriend. If he doesn’t have the decency to pay on a first date, then he isn’t mentally ready for a commitment. If you decide to pursue this relationship, you will most likely have to endure a lot of selfishness and cheapness.

Bad Tipper
If your date doesn’t tip the waiter his fair share, then you should run for the hills. Not tipping well is a sign of not only cheapness but unfairness. If you commit yourself to him, you may encounter this stingy attitude in other aspects of your relationship. For example, a lack of generosity could pop up in the bedroom. If he is cheap with money, he may also be cheap with affection and foreplay.

Sloppy Kisser
Not everyone kisses the same. However, if your date is a sloppy kisser, don’t bother to find out what else he can’t do right. You can train a lover to kiss and touch you the right way, but it may take more time than you are willing to give. If your date’s tongue is all over your face, then you should flee while you can.

Even if your date seems to be the best thing since sliced bread, you have to keep in mind that everything can appear perfect on the surface. It is important that you observe how he interacts with others. Also, you should pay attention to how treats you after the first 10 minutes and if his personality quirks are compatible with yours. If he fails in any of those departments, you should immediately send him packing.