Aside from Sports Bars: Top 4 Places to Pick Up Guys

Put your game face on, ladies. In the United States, women outnumber men by four to one. If you are single, you can’t afford to wait for the guys to come to you. Online dating is one option, but face-to-face communication is always the best way to form an instant connection. In addition to subscribing to dating websites or attending sports events, check out local spots in your city that tend to be saturated with men.

Lunch Break Spots
Think about your dream guy. What does he do for a living? If he’s a doctor or works in the medical field, check out the neighborhood of your local hospital on your free day. Where would you go to grab lunch or get five minutes of quiet if you were him? Check out the nearby restaurants, pizza parlors, parks, dog runs, and other spots these men might find a haven in during their work breaks. In order to meet your dream guy, you have to be in his world so he can ask you out.

Home Depot
You may know your way around Home Depot and know the aisles by memory, but this is the perfect place to play the damsel in distress. Since most men expect women to be lost regarding handy work, tools, and equipment, they are always more than happy to help if you approach them with questions. Their assumption of your lack of know-how will allow you to flirt subtly and start a conversation.

Relaxed Environments
Join a yoga or meditation class. You will immediately have something in common with your prospective love interest. Picking a relaxed environment will allow you to feel more at ease with your body and mind as you are around men. It also encourages you to build a relationship with the men in your class before taking it a step further. Because of the nature of the classes, you can form sensual and sexual attraction through participating in the sessions.

On the Street
Men are everywhere. Whether they are headed to work, school, or the gym, they are always on the route. Sometimes women feel uncomfortable approaching men on the street. But in reality, every man is a stranger until you get to know him. Take a chance, make strong eye contact and greet him on a first-name basis. For example, when you see an attractive man, say “Hi, Chris” and smile. Don’t stop to talk; just keep walking. The stranger will feel the obligatory need to tell you that he is not who you think he is, and you will be on his radar instantly.

Of course, you can still try your luck on game nights at various sports bars, but there are several other places where you can meet guys without being surrounded by drunks and loud cheering. Step outside of your comfort zone, and you might just meet some new, quality guys in your own neighborhood.