Stealing Back Your Ex-boyfriend from the Other Woman

She has him, but he belongs to you. Even if your ex-boyfriend has run off with another woman, it isn’t the end of the world as you know it. There’s still a chance that you can win him back. The best method of getting your man to come back to you involves no lying or manipulation. All you have to do is remind him about why he chose to be with you in the first place. The minute he remembers, he will ache for you and it will only be a matter of time before he comes crawling back. If you bring your A-game to the table, the other woman will be no match for you.

Meet Up for Drinks
Maybe you cried when he first told you that he was moving on to someone else. However, the tears have to go. Put your brave face on and pretend like it is all for the best. After you’ve mourned the betrayal and feel strong enough to win him back, you can invite him out for drinks. If he doesn’t drink, go out for coffee instead. If he seems resistant, give it some time. Let him know that you realize that your relationship is over, but you would like to pursue a friendship. Because men like to keep all of their options open, he will most likely be willing to have a friendship, especially with a woman who he finds attractive. When you meet up for drinks, look hot. Wear a new dress or one that you know he loves. Dab on perfume and wear a smile. Remember to keep the conversation casual. Stay away from talking about your past relationship, the affair or getting back together. If he brings it up, brush it off and switch the conversation to something light. For example, you can discuss sports, music, or even make fun of people around you. By engaging in fun conversation, he will remember what it used to feel like when he was happy in your relationship.

New Hobby
Even if you are not ready to speak to your ex-boyfriend, take up a new hobby. Finding entertainment in something brand new will allow you to regain your confidence and find joy in something outside of your relationship. This is a perfect time to do something that you always wanted to do but kept putting off to a later date. Once you finally meet up with your ex, you can share your new hobby with him. If you are truly invested in your hobby, your enthusiasm will be genuine. Naturally, he will start thinking about how you’ve changed since you’ve been with him. In fact, he may start to wonder what else has changed in your life, such as a new man. If he asks about your love life, say that you are enjoying dating and keep it at that. Let the mystery drive him nuts.

When you meet up or speak to your ex-boyfriend on the phone, keep it short. Enjoy the conversation and be engaged; however, you should not let it linger. Always be the one to say that you have to go first. Leave him wanting more, and you will start appearing in his thoughts throughout the day. If he inquires about why you have to go, just give him a legitimate excuse or tell him that you’ll talk to him soon. By keeping a busy schedule, you will put some distance between the two of you as well as heighten his longing for you.

Unexpected Compliment
Even though he has a new girlfriend, a compliment from you can make his heart skip a beat. When you see him, pay him a small compliment. If he talks to you about work, tell him that he’s been doing such a job. If he swears a shirt that you like, you can remind him that you’ve always liked that shirt. Show him that you can appreciate him even if he’s not your boyfriend anymore. By complimenting him, you are letting him know that he is not invisible to you. Even if his cheeks don’t blush, he will be blushing on the inside.

Knowledge Is Power
When you know someone inside out, you can always use that to your advantage. In conversation, remind him about how well you know him by finishing his sentences, asking about mutual friends or reminiscing about places that you’ve been to together. This technique should only be used to discuss good memories and positive associations. While you want to remind him about your good days, you don’t want him to get stuck in the past. Keep that part of conversation short and happily move on to present day. If he discusses the other woman, be happy for him. Show him that you can truly be his friend. He will begin to let his guard down and feel more comfortable around you.

While the other woman may be winning right now, you will have your man back if you pay your cards right. When a man leaves to be with another woman, it means that he has symbolically lit another fire somewhere. It doesn’t mean that your light has gone out. In order to get him back, you have to remind him that your candle is also still burning. If you had love in your relationship, reuniting will only make your love stronger. By improving yourself and showing him that relationships require work and effort, you will be able to get your man back in no time.