The Other Woman: What She Has On You

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and your man strays, you start to wonder what the other woman has on you. Is she younger or more attractive? All kind of insecurities start to cloud your judgment. However, for some reason, you tend to focus on your physical attributes. You suddenly start to notice your stretch marks or the ten extra pounds that you’ve gained in the past two years. However, sometimes cheating has nothing to do with that. Perhaps, your man ran to the arms of another woman because of what she offered that you neglected to.

Smile on Her Face
Men want to make women happy. They work so they can build a solid foundation, which will attract women. However, because men tend to be less expressive than women, they are often misunderstood. It’s easy to get mad when your boyfriend refuses to help around the house, leaves dirty dishes in the sink and always forgets to call you when he’s running late. However, it’s the little things that pile up over time. When you are mad, another woman is greeting your boyfriend with a smile on her face. While she may occasionally get angry, most of their time together is spent appreciating each other. He knows how to make his mistress happy and that brings him pleasure in return.

No Nagging
The other woman is sweet as candy. She may not be innocent, but she treats your man like a king. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff. For example, if he is late to meet her, she doesn’t yell or pout. His delay only intensifies her passion for him. Since she has the luxury of not living with him or being tied down to him, she doesn’t expect him to fulfill the role of a provider. She doesn’t nag him about finances, his job, chores or anything else. She enjoys her time with him thoroughly, which is something that men crave. If you spend more time complaining to your man than making love or sharing a laugh with him, then he may decide to set his sights on another woman.

An Escape
Sometimes men long to experience something different. Even if there’s nothing wrong with that they have, they choose to step outside of the boundaries of their relationship to seek adventure. The other woman may provide excitement, newness and the air of possibility. While you provide security and stability, she may serve as a reminder that he is still young and free. In some cases, there is not much you can do to switch these roles. However, by keeping the lines of communication open, you will be better able to assess your relationship. If your man is feeling in the dumps, you can spice up your relationship by doing something new. Help him break out of his rut by taking him somewhere different. Sometimes, small things are just as effective, such as sharing a funny story, telling him a joke and encouraging him to dream out loud. If you allow him to talk freely about his struggles and hopes, he may be inclined to share it with the woman who he loves.

Being the person who is getting cheated on is painful. However, once you realize that the other woman not only has your man’s body but his mind, you can begin to take the power back. By adjusting your behavior instead of bashing your appearance, you can make your home a sanctuary instead of a prison. Your man will not need to seek love outside of your home because he has everything he needs and desires right in front of him.