The Red Flags: 4 Signs He’s Using You

Sometimes you’re up, and sometimes you’re down. In a relationship, it is imperative that both partners support each other through hardships and adversity. However, if you’re the one who is always helping your significant other, you have to make sure that you aren’t getting played for a fool. Whether it is money or sex that he may be after, pay attention for red flags that your boyfriend doesn’t have the best intentions at heart.

Makes You Buy Things
It’s okay if your man occasionally asks you to pick up things from the store. However, if he does it every single day without offering to pay you back, then that’s a red flag. If you go out to dinner, he should offer to pay for your half of the check as well. If he only puts down enough to cover his portion, then you are dealing with a major cheapskate. Now, if your man expects for you to cover his end too, then he’s using you for free meals.

Doesn’t Ask You Questions
Men aren’t as inquisitive as women. In fact, many men won’t say much to you unless prompted otherwise. However, if he never engages you in conversation, you have to start to wonder why he’s not interested in what’s going on with you. Not all men get into relationships because they really like the person or would to explore the possibility of love in a committed relationship. Sometimes, they are just looking for a situation that provides steady sex. While most men will do anything to get you naked, it is important to have a man who willing to get to know as a person. If you find that your significant other does not really care, then he may be just using you for consistent sex.

Won’t Sleep Over
If your man hits it and runs, then he may not be interested in maintaining a healthy relationship with you by offering your security and warmth. Also, if he always politely kicks you out of his house after sex, then he may be using you for a good time. When a man doesn’t show any care towards the woman who he is in a monogamous relationship with, then he is only looking at her as a temporary presence in his life.

Is Inconsiderate
Because inconsiderate men are only looking out for themselves, they are a waste to date. However, they are fairly easy to spot in the crowd. A lot of men are selfish, but your man should be willing to cater to you once in a while. If he only wants you when he needs something, such as a free ride, money, food or sex, then your relationship will never go anywhere serious. When you show a man that he can take advantage of you without any consequences, you will always remain in the “just another girlfriend” category.

Once you spotted the red flags in your relationship, don’t bother to address them. If your boyfriend is truly using you, he will never admit it. In fact, he may be in denial himself. The best thing for both parties is to separate. When you have broken off all ties to your boyfriend, you should sit down and think about why you choose to enable this man for the time that you did. If you reflect, then you will be able to prevent another man from taking advantage of your kindness and generosity in the future.