Tips for Asking for a Girl’s Number

When you see a girl who you would love to ask out, you have to ignore your sweaty palms and build up the nerve to ask for her number. Despite the lump in your throat, you can pull a win if you take a deep breath and approach her. Women are more likely to be attracted to you when you display confidence and assertiveness within the first few minutes of a conversation. If you want to get that number, you should follow the steps that will seal the deal.

Make Eye Contact
It’s never a bad idea to approach a woman who are you attracted to, but it is always wise to know as you walk over that she might be interested. If you make eye contact with her and she continues to look at you, then she may be interested in speaking with you. She may have a boyfriend or could be just flirting with you, but you won’t know until you walk over.

When a woman smiles at you, it is a golden ticket. A smile is her way of letting you know that it is okay to come over and strike up a conversation. In fact, she may be smiling at you with the hope that you can take hint and take a chance on her. If she doesn’t smile at you, try smiling at her. In that scenario, most women who are interested would return the smile. A woman who is not interested will simply look away and ignore you.

Want to Talk More
Once you walk over, introduce yourself. Do your best to remain calm and open. If striking up a conversation is difficult for you, compliments go a long way. Tell her why you walked over in the first place. You can never go wrong with the upfront approach. If you tell her that she has a beautiful smile, you will most likely get another smile from her. When you keep a woman smiling, you are close to getting what you want.

Would Like to Take Her Out
Let her know what your intentions are as soon as you get the chance. Tell her that you would like to take her out on a date. If she seems skeptical, put her at ease and ask her what her favorite type of food is. When she responds, tell her you know a good spot. You may not know a good spot, but that is irrelevant. The intrigue may be enough for her to say yes.

You won’t get the digits unless you ask for them. When asking for a woman’s number, it is not the time to be shy. Step up the plate and put it out there. If she blows your mind and says yes, be careful to jot down her name and phone number correctly. If she says no, then at least you tried. Practice makes perfect. When another gorgeous woman comes around, you’ll feel more comfortable in approaching her.